DESIGN KUU is a company created by a Finnish designer Sannaliina Kuussaari out of her love for the nature and her  passion of creating stunning color combinations based on how she experiences it. All the designs you see in this collection are made by utilizing natures own mathematics. 

Raspberry pink and Aurora Borealis. Oranges of a warm sunny day. Softly inviting greens of a forest and deep blues of a pond where swans build their nests.  Wrap yourself in the cool evening breeze and a soft warmth of a fireplace. Let us show you how the sweetest dreams are born. In the calm and fresh nature of Finland.


We  truly are passionate about colors. So dive into the luxurious bed linen collection of Design Kuu.

We offer you our products in high quality 300TC cotton sateen which is thin but durable and has a cool feel to it while still being comfortably warm. Our duvet cover size is 150x200cm & pillowcase 50x60cm.

Design Kuu's creator Sannaliina's designs can be found also on an extravagant collection of men's dress shirts and even on the Guinness Record scale facade of the amazing Burj Khalifa in 2018 and 2019 with her audiovisual show for the 'City of Future'.


You can view the show under this link and read more about her in Sannaliina's designer Portfolio.

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